Junior Clinicians

For most JCs, this is the first opportunity you will have to actively participate in patient care.  Both the Senior Clinician (SC) and the Attending Physician will not only include you in the process of patient care, but ensure that you increase your clinical skills and help you to gain confidence in handling the common patient care situations.

At the beginning of the session, you will be paired up with a SC.  For the day you and the SC will work together to care for the patients.  The experience will vary depending on the SC, but should include allowing you to begin the interview (chief complaint, history of present illness).  At some point during the process, the SC will finish the interview and physical while you observe.  If the SC does not explain what they are doing to the patient and you during the physical, please feel free to ask them to do so in a discreet, polite way.  In the event that there are unusual or significant physical finds, the SC will ask the patient if you may also exam him/her.

The SC will then present the patient to the attending. If you would like to present a portion, please tell the SC. You may also alert the health educator that your patient may benefit from meeting with them, and in doing so have the opportunity to briefly present the patient to the health educator.

At the end of clinic, you will walk the patient to the front desk and make sure he or she receives a follow-up appointment, if necessary.


If you are a Columbia medical student and is interested, please email hr@cosmoprimarycare.org